Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More GOP Debate Goodness

One of my co-bloggers at Wash U For Ron Paul did a great liveblog of the last GOP Debates in Michigan. Plenty of obvious pandering to the auto unions, and a lot of mindless support of ethanol subsidies. This observation is my favorite.

Huckabee is asked about ethanol, whether the free market should determine whether they are used. Huckabee says it's critical for national security and economic interests to use "biofuels." It's a tremendous boondoggle, in fact, and Huck, a pinko through and through, is pandering. Blathers about "Islamofascism," as if ethanol gives us independence from the Arab world! "We can't wait till another generation." I hate Huckabee.

The reality is that ethanol benefits two groups: the politically powerful corn farmers who grow the now premium priced corn, and the oil industry because now they can sell less efficient gasoline for a higher price. Oh, no one mentioned that 100% petro fuel is both cheaper and more efficient than ethanol. Or the fact that this means that when you buy gasoline with ethanol additives - you are buying more gas more often for a higher price than if the additive wasn't there. Well, now you know.

Corn-based ethanol subsidies disadvantages a lot of folks though: food manufacturers (veggies, beef, chicken, and other protein), sugar producers, and normal folks who get to pay higher prices for well - just about everything.

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