Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tax Cuts Mean Nothing During The GWOT

Fred Thompson doesn't talk a good game. He supports Bush on the war (like every other GOP candidate save Rep. Ron Paul), yet he is for limited government and decreasing government spending. Frankly, those two views are mathematically incompatible.

Some have seen this chart, but many have not.

The numbers are old - but the proportions are similar. Half of the Federal Budget, what you and I pay taxes into, is spent by the military. This doesn't include additional expenditures requested by the administration to go into Iraqi and Afghan missions. You can't cut a program here and an entitlement there and claim you have reduced the size of government. Nor will tax cuts make much difference in the economy when we are burying billions in the sand on the other side of the world.

You are either with GWB and the Global War on Terror, or you are for limited federal spending. You can't be both.

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